"Rounding up the best life has to offer On the Ranch!"

farmers market in the Las Vegas Valley area


  • FAMILY: We believe in building big family communities by embracing and uniting our neighbors, friends, and local businesses.
  • SUPPORT: We focus on produce locally grown to support our regional farmers, and to promote healthier diets by eating produce that is in season.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: We have an obligation to our vendors and customers to consistently balance the supply and demand of our market to ensure its success, integrity, and perpetuity.
  • PRIDE: We believe the presence of a vital, high quality farmers’ market enhances our neighborhood’s distinct character.
  • EDUCATION: We believe in dispersing information and hosting educational activities to enlighten our communities about healthy living and improving ones’ quality of life.
  • CIVIC PARTICIPATION: We believe that informal social gatherings of neighbors in open public spaces encourage civic participation in our community.
  • FUN: We believe that the involvement in On the Ranch Farmers and Artisan Market should be enjoyable and rewarding.

What we do On the Ranch

Live Music

Kid's Crafts & Face Painting

Free Exercise Classes

Chef Demonstrations

Scavenger Hunt

Gardening Tips

DIY Activities

Raffles & Giveaways

Skate Park

Dog Park

Playground w/ Water Park

Raised Garden Bed Rentals

and much more weekly!!

Welcome to On the Ranch Farmers and Artisan Market where we value community building amongst vendors and our customers. Where farm fresh produce meets a fusion of freshly prepared and packaged foods, and high quality artisan goods.

We host a Sunday market at Craig Ranch Regional Park that affords our customers infinite opportunities to make visiting our market an all-day affair as they take advantage of the park's amenities..  

welcome to on the ranch farmers and artisan market


We are privately funded, but also receive government funding through grants. Tax deductible donations are also accepted. Find out more HERE.

We value community building and improving the quality of life through sustainable living, health awareness, and economic development.

Mission + Vision