"Rounding up the best life has to offer On the Ranch!"

1. Do you grow the produce you sell?

No, On the Ranch does not grow the produce that we currently sell at the "Round-Up" booth. We have other produce booths operated by actual farms or their staff.

2. Where does your produce come from if you do not grow it?

We currently get our certified organic produce from California, Arizona, and Oregon. We work diligently to select certified organic small and family farms in order to support their operations instead of large corporate farmers.

3. Why are there no "local farms" at On the Ranch Farmers and Artisan Market?

Due to us being in the desert, and there being a limited number of local farms in Southern Nevada, we consider "local" to include the states that surround Nevada. We are working with organizations like Create A Change Now to purchase the local organically grown produce from school gardens in their network. The money goes back to the student's growing programs. We are also working with 6 families to teach them how to grow in an effort to expose low income/low access residents to becoming new farmers. Should they enjoy their growing experience, and have bountiful harvests, their produce will be available at the market.

4. What is the On the Ranch Round-Up?

Since we are not the growers of the produce and perishable foods that we may provide, we "round-up" the best quality that we can find of a variety of fruits, vegetables, poultry, meat, and dairy products that our customers ask for. All of our produce sold at the On the Ranch Round-Up booth will always be "Certified Organic"...non-GMO. Our meats, poultry and dairy products will be naturally grown, non- to minimally processed, no hormones or antibiotics added, NON-gmo, and if applicable, free range. Locally grown produce in the "Round-Up" booth is organic, but not necessary to be certified due to the individual producers not exceeding $5,000 in annual sales.

6. I purchased produce that had a Made in Mexico tag on it. How is that keeping with your "local" claims?

We support some California family farms that grow on land in various states and climates so that they can produce a variety of organic offerings year round. We do support those farms still, and they are based out of California and are USDA certified organic growers. For example, customers asked for us to find organic green onions for them. We "rounded up" organic green onions from Boskovich Farms who are located in Oxnard, CA. Their green onions happened to grow at their Mexico location. This does not take away from the fact that they were freshly harvested and USDA certified organic. We also receive many requests for organic tropical fruit, so we supply this for our regular customers.

7. Are you still accepting vendors?

We are always accepting vendor applications, and we have plenty of room to grow. We accept vendors on a first come, first served basis, and Nevada based businesses have priority. Acceptance of vendors are at management's discretion.

8. Does On the Ranch Farmers and Artisan Market only accept food vendors who produce "organic" offerings?

No, On the Ranch Farmers and Artisan Market has a "come as you are" policy. Not everyone eats organic, vegan, raw, or healthy. We would like our vendors to be diverse enough to encompass the tastes of our entire community.

9. I am an Independent Consultant/Distributor for XYZ, can I vend at On the Ranch Farmers and Artisan Market?

Our policy is "If you sow it, grow it, bake it, make it, or create it yourself", you are allowed to vend at On the Ranch. On an individual review bases, if you resell or distribute a product that fits the holistic ambiance of the market, we will consider approving your application.

10. How much does it cost to have a booth at On the Ranch?

Booth fees are $50 per day for a 10'x10' space.

11. What is required to be a vendor at On the Ranch?

All vendors must have the following:

  • State of Nevada business license, or exemption letter from the state
  • State of Nevada Tax ID, exemption letter if applicable
  • City of North Las Vegas Business License, or exemption letter (if you operate a home-based business within the city)
  • Health Department Permits and Food Handler cards, if necessary
  • If you are a food vendor with an Annual Itinerant Permit, you must contact the Health Dept. and notify them that you will be joining us
  • $1,000,000 liability insurance with On the Ranch and City of North Las Vegas listed as additional insureds

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